FARE For All: Food That Makes Cents
Monday, June 12, 2017 6:25 AM


Fare For All buys fresh produce and frozen meat in bulk from wholesalers and manufactures to find the best deals available. Volunteers at our warehouse pre-pack the produce and meat into food packages that range in price from $10 – $25. These packages are for sale at all of our Fare For All locations.


To visit a Fare For All location, there is no need to register in advance or fill out any paperwork. Fare For All is open to everyone – because we buy food in bulk, the more people who participate the better. We try to fill our trucks for each location, so it is very rare that we run out of food. We visit our locations once a month, for two hours at a time.


Fare For All accepts cash, credit, debit, and EBT cards. Click here for more information and to find a FARE site. https://fareforall.org/