Community News: Free Breakfast/Lunch for students in need this summer
Monday, June 4, 2018 12:10 AM


When school is out, for many children it can mean the loss of a regular breakfast and lunch. Below are two options in MN that help families find the resources to help fill this gap.

TEXT "FOOD" Beginning June 4, if you know a student in grades K to 12 who is in need of breakfast and lunch this summer, text “FOOD” to 877877. You'll get a message back that asks you to text your zip code (you can also text the child's zip code). The next message you get will be a list of schools closest to that zip code where kids can get free meals this summer.


SUMMER EATS MN APP Minnesota is the first state in the nation to offer a program that allows kids under 18 to access an app that provides 700 sites across that state that offer free meals during the summer.

Please share, copy, paste, post!  Even if you don't think you know someone in need, sharing these resources might make a difference to someone who is.