Community News: Is There An App for That? Working With Adolescents in the Digital Age
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 6:10 AM

Keep Calm

Explore Technology's Impact on Anxiety & Depression During All-Day Training Event. Featuring National Speaker Erin Walsh. October 3, 2017. 9: AM Hopkins, MN Young people today spend an average of 53 hours a week watching TV, browsing their phones, playing video games and using the computer. Youth flock to Instagram and YouTube, and spend more time texting than talking on the phone. Yet while media headlines suggest that digital technologies are either good or bad for youth -- evidence suggests that they are powerful The good or bad depends upon how we use them. In this interactive and engaging presentation, Erin Walsh will discuss the powerful role of digital technologies in shaping adolescent development. Combining the latest discoveries in brain science with up-to-date research and data, Walsh will pay particular attention to the impact of media on depression, anxiety, relationships and identity She will help professionals and parents understand the key ingredients for wellness in the digital age and provide practical tools and strategies that help children and youth build on their strengths. Visit to learn more and to register for this event.