Congratulations to our February Citizens and HEROes!
Thursday, March 14, 2019 5:35 AM


We recognized these students as positive contributors to our school community. Kindergarten: Madeleine E, Ike P, Jack T, Amelia O, Daniella H, Bode G, Kate H, Wren N, Daphne B, Alice L First: Adelyn M, Malee G, Vivan T, Maxwell V, Kai M, Kate G, Wynnie O, Esther A, Annelise M, Evan S, Isla N, Matthew M Second: Keira B, Cadel G, Mary D, Luva H, Isabelle B Tess H, Elliana G, Lorelei G, Abby S, Thomas L Third: Izabella G, Liam D, Charlie W, Paige A, Willow O, Tucker W, Olivia H, Lily R Fourth: Maeve S, Finn H, Peyton W, Elise M Fifth: Maja B, Owen D, Emma L, Avery P Sixth: Julia H, Beckett N, Haley D, Henry L Seventh: Ariana A, Henry G, Megan S, Sam H Eighth: Alex B, Alicia J, Ruby C, Kate G, Helena D, Khalil S