Construction Update-Fumes from Installation of the Roof
Monday, May 20, 2013 7:20 AM


After the music concert on May 15, some parents talked to me about the smell from the roof being installed. 


To prevent or reduce the potential for fumes to enter the building from the adjacent construction project the following actions were taken:


1.    The hot tar truck was relocated further east to increase the distance from the west wing of the building.

2.    The building engineer is monitoring the direction of the wind and will determine if the ventilation equipment can run providing fresh air to the building or if the units should be turned off to eliminate fumes from entering the building.

3.    Dependent on the wind direction, staff in the east wing of the building are encouraged to keep the windows closed if the wind is not favorable.

4.    If fumes enter the building and students or staff experience discomfort from the fumes, they will be relocated to another location in the building. 

5.    We only have three more days of work time on the roof.  We are awaiting dry weather to resume.

The product being used is a strong odorant that has a very low odor threshold in the 1 to 2 part per million concentration range. That is very low in relation to the concentration that would have an adverse health impact on student and staff. Odors can be a trigger for students and staff that are asthmatic. Some students and staff may feel nauseas, or experience eye irritation. Generally these are short term and are unlikely to cause any long term concerns. The district will work with the contractor to reduce the potential for fumes to enter the building.   Material Safety Data Sheets for the product being used on the roof is available at the school for staff and parent review. If you need additional information please contact Jan Parrish, School Principal or Ken Meyer, Manger Environmental Health and Safety at 668-0301 or