Diversity Committee Projects: Creativity & Compassion Are Alive
Monday, May 20, 2013 7:10 AM


Creativity and Compassion abound at Lake Harriet School and is evidenced by the beautiful, fun and heartfelt projects accomplished this year by the Upper Campus students.

Based on the “Families All Matter” (FAM) books, 3rd – 5th graders completed projects that demonstrated their understanding of the material, and reinforced the meaning of community at Lake Harriet and in the world at large. Come see the artistic quilts created by the Third Graders – a beautiful mélange with each square representing each student’s individuality. They are hanging near the 3rd grade classrooms.

A big thanks to Lake Harriet moms, Melissa Pederson owner of the Linden Tree, a fabric store and gift shop in Linden Hills, for donating the quilt materials at cost, and to Maree Hampton for putting each quilt together.

The 4th graders made colorful and vibrant posters about their FAM books, all of which highlight the themes of Diversity. They are hanging-up along the main hallway of the school across from the Main Office.

The 5th graders wrote moving and astute essays on Aging after reading their FAM books, many of which are displayed outside of their classrooms and a few of which are highlighted in The Connection. Kudos to students for all of their hard work and creativity, and a big thanks to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teams for assisting their students with these projects.

The Diversity committee also sponsored the Dignity and Respect contest for Middle Grade Students. Participants were required to integrate one or more of the 30 Dignity and Respect Tips that they had reviewed in Advisory class during the month of January.

The Committee received a high volume of submissions, each one filled with positive messages, creative themes and artistic elements. Two outside panels reviewed the work and had the difficult task of choosing winners in each category:

The top 3 winners for the Video category were:

1st Place: LEND A HAND by Sam Z. and Torsten B.

2nd Place: LISTEN, SMILE, BE FLEXIBLE by Andrea K., and

3rd Place: CULTURAL COMPETENCE by Kieren H.


The top 3 winners for the Photos category were:

1st Place: BE FLEXIBLE by Kieren H. and Ava K.

2nd Place: LOCKER PHOTO by Henry C and

3rd Place: SMILE POSTER by Izzie M. and Alora G.


The winners of the Drawing category included:

1st Place: JOIN THE TEAM by Torsten B.,

2nd Place: SMILE – PASS IT ON by Lux F. and

3rd Place: BE HAPPY by Alysa R.

Other winners included: Lars L., Bella B., Alice H., Olivia S., Anna, and Sage C., Thanks to Mr. Streit, Language Arts teacher and Julie Hirsch, School Psychologist for assisting with these projects.

And a big Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who donated gifts:

First Tech Apple Specialists in Uptown

Art Materials store in the Wedge

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Walker Art Center

Please take some time to follow the links below and read the essays included in this week’s Connection and view a sampling of the artwork that the students created.

Thanks to all of the students for participating in these Diversity projects and helping to make Lake Harriet School a warm and welcoming community.