Educational Benefits Form needs to be filled out by all families
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 6:20 AM


The Application for Educational Benefits is an online or paper form that the Minneapolis school district has asked all families to complete. This is essential because it determines the school’s level of State (Compensatory Education or CompEd) dollars that are allocated to each school to support students who need additional resources. These funding sources generate approximately $57 Million (CompEd) and $23Million (Title I) for the district each year.


Please visit to complete the form online or request a paper form from your student’s school by November 30th to help ensure your school gets the funding it needs. (Families can register online, select the eligibility tab and click on “Apply” to fill out the form). At Lake Harriet, CompEd funds have been used to pay for Associate Educators who support students in the lunchroom, at recess and in the classrooms.


Please contact Hashep Seka with questions