From the Desk of Mrs. Tilleson
Thursday, April 4, 2019 5:55 AM

Several notes follow - thank you for reading.
Dear Lake Harriet Community School Parents:
As we approach the end of the school year, I would like to make you aware of some changes that we are making at the Lower Campus for the 2019-2020 school year.
Some of our grade level teams are changing. We will have five kindergarten classrooms, five first grade classrooms (change), five-second grade classrooms and five third grade classrooms (change). 
Because of these changes, the number of classroom teachers will remain the same however, I have asked Mary Rice to move to second grade and Janet Glocker to move to third grade. All other teachers will remain the same.
Our support staff is also changing. Our Social Worker, Maggie Quinlan will only be working three days per week, so we will be looking for a person to fill the other two days at Lower, teaming it with three days of Social Work at Upper. We will also be adding a fourth- Associate Educator and looking to replace one of our Special Education Assistants who moving on to become a teacher.
As we grow and change, we celebrate the many and varied academic successes that our students have experienced this year. Remember, we do not take classroom requests but I do encourage you to talk with your child’s current teacher and let them know any wishes that you may have for your child’s future as the teachers will be doing the classification of students into the next grade this spring.
In closing, I cannot express enough to all of you what a pleasure it is to work with your children every day. Thank you for making Lake Harriet Community School such a great place to work and learn! 
  • Quarter three is ending and it is time to come and collect that winter lost and found. Items are currently displayed outside of the art room, but everything will be donated right after spring break.
  • Weather is warming but our play area and field is a muddy mess. We ask that until the temperatures get to 60 degrees we need students to wear pants covering their legs. We had a few students in shorts this week and although it might feel better it is still old to be outside for 30 minutes when the wind is blowing and the temps are under 60. Thanks for your help and understanding.
  • I have been awarded the principal position this summer at the GEMS/GISE Summer Program at Anderson School
The program at Anderson is for K-4th graders and runs from June 17 – July 25 (no school on July 4) from 8AM-2:30PM. Transportation, breakfast and lunch are provided.
Below is a link to the online application for the program. We are also sending an application mailer home – so parents have the option of completing online or turning in a paper copy.
With Kindness,
Merry Tilleson, Principal
Lower Campus