From the Nurse’s Office:
Monday, April 15, 2013 6:05 AM


Food Allergies OTHER Than Peanut/Tree Nut: Beginning this fall our district’s Nutrition Services will require that the “Special Dietary Request” form be completed online if an accommodation is expected by parents for students with food allergies other than peanuts and tree nuts. So, for example, if your child is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds, or egg, or shellfish, AND your expectation is that the school is aware of and accommodates this, then you must go through the formal process of the dietary department’s paperwork. If you have any questions, please e-mail them here or call 612-668-2820. If you decide to do this, please fax or scan and e-mail your completed forms to the nutrition department rather than waiting until fall to bring them in to the food coordinator here. Fax number = 612-668-2830. Please go to the Special Dietary Needs section of the Nutrition Department with any further questions. 


Medications: If your child requires any sort of medication in school such as Epi-pens, Benadryl, or asthma inhaler, the health office is renewing these NOW. Medication authorization forms and Emergency Health Plans (EHP) have been sent to your e-mail address. Please print, sign and return the medication authorization form as soon as possible. It can be faxed to the doctor’s office from here OR you can obtain the physician renewal signature and bring in the signed form to the health office. Completed, physician signed forms are due before Memorial Day.  Please get these forms to the health office NOW. 

Emergency Health Plans: Please review your student’s EHP carefully making sure that your plan is current with correct phone numbers and contact information.  If there are no changes to the EHP, indicate such in your e-mail response to me and it will be good for next year. All forms must be renewed prior to Memorial Day. Medications are kept over the summer unless they are due to expire in which case they will be sent home during the last week of school. If you need your child’s asthma inhaler or Epi-pen over the summer, please communicate this in your e-mail response with your forms.  (It is our preference NOT to send these meds home in June unless necessary.


Flip Flops: We STRONGLY discourage wearing them in school. Injuries occur daily with flip flop use. Many students are not aware of other people’s toes. Schools, classroom furniture and playgrounds are contraindicated with flip flops. Many toenails have been painfully sacrificed for this cause.  Engineers with mops and buckets are on standby status for the flip flop wearers.  Thank-you,Kathy Frey, RN, Licensed School NurseKathy Pressnall, LPN