From the Principal
Monday, October 15, 2012 7:15 AM


Roosevelt High School Health Careers Program – Health Fair

This is an e-invitation for the Roosevelt High School Health Careers Fair coming October 25th. It is an opportunity for 8th grade students from Lake Harriet Upper to go to Roosevelt High School to explore the world of health careers and the possibility of attending Roosevelt as a Health Careers student. Several health care business partners will be in attendance to include: Children’s Hospital, Fairview, St. Kate’s, North Memorial and the VA. The fair will be an engaging mix of presentations on health careers; a student guided tour of Roosevelt and the Health Careers related areas, and activities that will expose your 8th graders to the varied and exciting world of health careers! Our Lake Harriet 8th grade advisory teachers wrote down names of students that were interested in attending and based on interest we have a group of 15 students that will be attending the career fair.


My Life Plan is Coming to Lake Harriet Middle School

My Life Plan is a series of lessons that focus on career and post-secondary exploration and planning. Students will complete milestones (lessons or experiences) starting this year at 6th grade which will help them make informed decisions on post-secondary options.  Our 6th grade social studies staff along with a district hired counselor will deliver the lessons several times (5 lessons) during the year during the 6th grade social studies time. In addition, this district counselor may be available for additional counseling support to include: academic support and planning, individual counseling (personal/social, academic, career), post-secondary/career preparation and exploration, EXPLORE test interpretation support and HS transition/choice process support.


Information about the MAP Test

Our 2nd – 8th grade students just finished taking Fall MAP tests in reading and math. Individual MAP test results will be generated and given to all families at conferences. We will back pack home all MAP test results not picked up at conferences (all grades)

MAP tests provide highly accurate results that can be used to:

· Identify the skills and concepts individual students have learned.

· Diagnose instructional needs.

· Monitor academic growth over time.

· Make datadriven decisions at the classroom, school, and district levels.

· Place new students into appropriate instructional programs.

· Evaluate programs.


MAP tests are adaptive, meaning that they dynamically adjust to each student's performance level. Immediately after a student answers a test question on a computer, the program analyzes the student's response and, based on how well the student has answered previous question(s), it then selects a question of appropriate difficulty to display next. Because the questions are chosen specifically for the student taking the test, no question is wasted.


Students can meaningfully attempt all of the items on a test, creating a more challenging and positive testing experience. In addition, MAP tests measure academic growth over time, independent of grade level or age. Most importantly, the results educators receive have practical application to teaching and learning.


Each student receives a test score, percentile rank, and goal performance (subscores called strands in MCA language), and if applicable, a growth score.

· The score is based on a combination of the number items answered correctly and the difficulty of the items.

· Percentile rank is a measure of how a student is performing relative to other students in their grade. The 50th percentile means a student is performing at grade level. A percentile rank higher than 50 means they are performing better than grade level, a percentile rank lower than 50 means they are performing lower than grade level.

· Student growth is obtained by subtracting the previous year’s score from the current year. If the student growth is at least as much as typical growth, then the student has met their growth target (making a year’s growth or more). If the student growth is less than typical growth, the student has not met their growth target

· Goal Performance indicates the areas of strengths and weaknesses within each subject.


Merry Tilleson

Assistant Principal Lake Harriet Upper