From the Principal:
Monday, February 18, 2013 7:10 AM


Information For School Success (Part 3)

AFTER SCHOOL CHATS. “What’s in your backpack? Greet your child with this question, and you will discover a lot about what they do in class.

Set aside time each day to go through their papers. Try to do it first thing after school when their day is fresh in their mind.

  • Look over your child’s work together. Help them feel proud by making a specific comment about something they have done. For instance, if they show you a picture that they drew in art class, you might say “The gray sky and big waves look just like our rainy day at the beach.”
  • Have them talk through math problems or science experiments to show you what they have learned. They might explain how they found the perimeter of a triangle or why ants dig tunnels for example.

 A RECEIPE FOR RESPECT. Here is how you can encourage your child to be and show respect.

  • Demonstrate. Your child will learn respectful behavior by watching the way you treat others. When they make a mistake, for instance, gently tell them what they did wrong, and out of earshot of others. Also let them see you respect ideas and beliefs that are different from your own. For example, point out that you are happy a friend is voting in an election even though you each favor a different candidate.
  • Notice. When you see your child acting respectfully, let them know that you have noticed. (“I like the way you asked your sister before borrowing her sweater). Your words and attention will encourage her to show respect in the future. Tip: If you see disrespectful behavior on TV (a child rolling their eyes or talking back to a parent), tell your child that isn’t okay in real life. Then ask them to be on the lookout for respectful actions by characters. How many can they spot before the program ends?

(Information from the 2012 Resources for Educators)



Merry Tilleson

Assistant Principal Upper Campus