Happy Holidays Lake Harriet Community School families
Friday, December 18, 2015 6:15 AM


On behalf of the staff at the Upper and Lower campuses we would like to wish you all a joyous Holiday season filled with love and laughter. 

Our Positive School Engagement Teams at both campuses have a wish for you to please be good to yourselves, to find joy in your activities and to help us by promoting a positive spirit with your children.  We have provided you with 50 ways to be kind (see below).

50 ways to be kind:

Be friendly to everyone, offer help, say good morning, smile often, share, hold doors for others, never bully anyone, help anyone who is bullied, report bullying to an adult, be a good listener, be generous, bring someone flowers, use good manners, clean up after yourself, say please, don’t talk bad about anyone, be encouraging, think about how others feel, give compliments, always try to cooperate, say thank you, forgive others, control your temper, give everyone a chance, don’t cheat or steal, be patient, say I’m sorry, never make fun of others, knock before entering, play quietly if someone is sleeping or working, let others go first, don’t interrupt, give thank you notes, never hurt anyone on purpose, ask How are you?, say excuse me, remember others birthdays, include students who are left out, cheer up someone who is upset, volunteer in your community, donate to charity, wait your turn, don’t gossip or spread rumors, say hi to new students, send get well cards, be careful with others property, always ask permission, teach others what you know, visit someone who is sick, treat others the way you want to be treated.

(by positive promotions, Inc.)

See you next year!


The Administrative Team

Walter, Merry & Teresa

Please click here to download the letter