Here Comes The Bus (HCTB)
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 5:40 AM

Here Comes The Bus is an easy-to-use website and mobile device app which allows parents to view the location of their child's school bus on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Parents and caregivers are able to view the location of their child’s school bus, in addition to receiving email alerts and push notifications when the bus enters a notification radius as set by the parent.
  • Locate the child’s bus before and after school
  • Receive a notification when the bus is located near the stop
  • Confirm the child’s bus has arrived at school and at the bus stop
  • Here Comes The Bus tracks all yellow school buses on to and from school routes and afterschool activities routes to a student's primary pick up / drop off location (such as a home address). Minneapolis Public Schools requests that students are waiting at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time to support an efficient transportation system.
Please remember, Here Comes The Bus tracks buses, not students. Minneapolis Public Schools does not participate in HCTB's Student Ridership program.
For more information or to install the app please visit the website.