It’s important for your child’s health. Don’t idle.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 5:30 AM

no idle
Did you know that there is a 3-minute maximum idling ordinance in the City of Minneapolis? Air pollution especially effects children as they consume more air relative to their own weight, and are lower to the ground.
Please help reduce air pollution by turning your vehicle off when waiting for your children. There are hundreds of children each day in the area in the logistics of parent drop-off/pick-up, and on the playground.
Due to complaints and persistent non-compliance, Minneapolis will take more enforcement measures around Lake Harriet schools. Neighbors’ efforts have escalated now to include Regulatory Services agents. As the City’s Environmental Services department looks into how we might better address this situation long-term, we will engage police assistance when available.
Tip: Keep a blanket in your car to keep yourself and other children warm in place of running your vehicle.