Lake Harriet HEROES
Monday, October 13, 2014 6:40 AM


Upper Campus is continuing their new monthly award to honor students who are respectful, responsible, safe, and ready to learn. These are students who are making a difference in our school community. Each homeroom/advisory teacher selected a student who is a positive contributor to the school community using the following criteria:

* Shows respect for others

* Helps others

* Is kind to others

* Is actively engaged in learning

* Follows school rules

* Is a positive leader

* Is a good role model

Congratulations to our September LH Heroes! Sylvi B, Erika P, Paris G, Morgan T, Elsa Y, Connor M, Ava P, Erik A, Noel P, Benjamin T, Aubree P, Saunder S, Grace P, Samantha N, Lucinda E, Ella H, Ula T, Shukri A, Haley B, Akshay K, Ellie N, Diego L, Bella P, Tyler B, Izzie M, Romey D, and Ava K.