Lake Harriet Heroes & Citizens of the Month
Monday, April 27, 2015 6:30 AM


Citizens of the Month

Congratulations to our Lower Campus Citizens of the Month for the month of March. We recognized these students as positive contributors to our school community.

Kindergarten: Will S, Kaysa W, Isabelle M, Clayton K, Theo P, Fiona A, Samir P, Mae S, Gia G, and Ryan L

First: Hendrix B, Lux P, Grey H, Ava T, Amber C, Violet H, Avery P, Owen M, Helen C, and Matthew H Second Gigi F, Haley D, Bret M, Hazel E, Sam V, Jocelyn F, Mia W, River S, Jack J, Jillian N

Third: Jordyn S, Calvin R, Ronan D, Amra K, Sophia W, Rohan L, Maya M, Lewis W, Charlie A and Silja B

Lake Harriet HERO

Congratulations to the March Lake Harriet HEROes at Upper Campus! These students were chosen because they have done an excellent job in meeting our school-wide expectations of respect, responsibility, safety, and engagement in learning. Way to go!! Jack B, Arianna F, Alicia M, Finn H, Gray M Mustaf M, Michael A, Max S, Nicholas W, Lily S, Mason P, Bella W, Kyra C, Brita L, Erin D, Elizabeth S, Meagan B, Sam H, August M, Elaina S, Lily W, Sophia S, John C, Bella P, Grace D, Isabella K