Lake Harriet Upper Campus Talent Showcase
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 5:20 AM

Lake Harriet Talent Showcase, coming to the MPS YouTube Channel Soon.
Does your student have a Talent, a Trick, a Song, a Dance?  Can they Skate, can they Sing, can they Juggle?  Could they Paint a Picture, Create a Tik-Tok Video, Recite a Famous Speech? Have they ever Performed a Magic Act, done Stand-up Comedy, Created a Skit or Play? 
They can Impress their friends, their teachers, their family! 
Which homeroom has the most talent? 
Upload a video of your student performing their talent. The video should be a minute or less. We will edit the videos into a Showcase Presentation and upload the video to YouTube before the start of Quarter 3. The Homeroom with the most qualified submissions will receive a Certificate of Honor in recognition of their amazing talents. Use the link provided below. We look forward to seeing your students' amazing talents!