Last call for Read-a-Thon Forms and Pledge Money!
Monday, March 18, 2013 6:05 AM


This is the last call for the Read-a-Thon! Did your Diver forget to turn in their Minutes Read Tally and Pledge forms and pledge money? The Dive Team Captain is still accepting these through Wednesday, March 20!


Did your Diver only read and not collect pledges? If so, please email Amy Mimick at Be sure to include the following:  Student FIRST and LAST name, Grade/Classroom, Minutes Read in February


The Read-a-Thon team requests that you keep the following in mind when submitting the Minutes Read Tally and Pledge forms and pledge money:


1.       Put all forms and pledge money in an envelope and turn into to your classroom teacher. This will keep the forms and the money from becoming separated and will also help the teachers and keep our very important tally volunteer happy!

2.       All forms should include the participants first and last name, grade and teacher/classroom number.

3.       All Parents/Guardians are asked to review the Minutes Read Tally and Pledge forms for accuracy. Unrealistic reading minutes will be verified with parents/guardians if needed before prizes are distributed.

4.       Participants should add up the amount of minutes on the Minutes Read Tally form. This takes extra time for our tally volunteer and should be done before turning the forms in.

5.       Did your Diver(s) earn more than $75 in pledges? If so, please have them specify a t-shirt size on the bottom of the Pledge form. The default size will be a Youth Medium if nothing is marked.

6.       Divers who only choose to read and not collect pledges during the Read-a-Thon are still eligible to win the many awesome prizes up for grabs so be sure to turn in a completed Minutes Read Tally form.

7.       Extra forms can be found by going to