Late Bus Procedure
Thursday, September 1, 2016 3:30 PM


This week there have been several late/missing busses on both the morning and afternoon routes.  We apologize for the inconvencience this has caused.  We are working daily with the district transportation department to report and fix the underlying causes of bus delays.  Unfortunately, due to accidents, mechanical problems, substitute drivers, construction and traffic, we do experience late busses from time to time.  Here are the procedures we will be following:

For morning busses, we generally can't make a robocall because we are rarely alerted to late busses. The best thing to do is to call transporation to find out when they expect the bus to arrive:  612-668-2300.

If a bus is going to be fifteen minutes late or worse in the afternoon we will make a robocall to the families that have children on that bus.  This robocall will give you as much information as we have regarding when to expect the bus.  We are working with the bus rosters now to create the robocall lists.  We have already completed half of the lists and expect to have the rest completed tomorrow. 

Please feel free to call us or the transporation department at any time to ask questions or report problems.

Thank you for your patience as we work to solve the bus problems.