LC Construction Update
Monday, May 27, 2013 6:20 AM



Interior: The construction crews are currently working on intstalling gypsum board (sheetrock) for the interior. They are almost done on 


the 1st Floor and have begun work on the 2nd Floor. They have completed most ductwork, plumbing and heating piping, and electrical conduit installation. They are installing electrical wiring, components of the ventilation system, the main stair case and elevator.   Painting the 1st floor walls will begin the first week in June.


Exterior: With the exception of the connection to the existing building and trim work, the roofing was completed last week. Now that the majority of the roof work is done, the small 3rd floor enclosure panels will be scheduled. Brick masonry work on the 2nd floor exterior progresses as weather allows. The windows and remaining exterior veneer panels will be scheduled in coordination with the masonry. 


Site grounds work will commence after school is finished, teachers are gone and all furniture has been moved out of the building, and will also progress as weather allows.


Schedule: Although the completion of the LCHS Lower Campus addition is still set for August 15th, due to the late spring snows delaying roof work, the timeline has become tighter.  The substantial completion date for of the addition has been moved back from June 30 to July 31.   This will mean that the final "punch list" of construction items along with new furniture and the District's IT installation will occur in the first two weeks of August.  This will also mean that teachers will not be able to move their things into their rooms until after August 15th.  


The  Lower Campus teachers will have very limited time to set up their rooms and create their lesson plans.  To assist them in preparing for the 2013-14 school year, we would appreciate

parent help on August 16th, 2013 to help the LC teachers set up their rooms.  They could use help with unpacking boxes, setting up books, putting up bulletin boards, and other miscellaneous tasks.  We realize it is early to schedule this, but please check your calendar.  If you are available, we could use about 20 people to help for any amount of time on August 16th at the Lower Campus.  More information to follow in August.    


Next year:  We are really looking forward to moving LHCS 3rd grade to the lower campus next year.  We are looking forward to Art and Music rooms, an outdoor gathering space and a computer lab as well as a new space for Minneapolis Kids.  We are anxious to have a lunch room that fits our school.  We also look forward to seeing what the MPS Food Service will offer for next year.  We know that there will be a salad bar and a surprise: a new convection oven.  There will not be a dishwasher, as it could not be afforded, so we are interested in seeing what they will use for (compostable?) serve-wear as well.