LH Citizens and HEROes
Monday, March 21, 2016 6:35 AM


Congratulations to our February Citizens and HEROes! We recognized these students as positive contributors to our school community.


Kindergarten: Lewis K, Evelyn O, Myla J, Payton E, Henry M, Maya M, Greta T, Cal P, Charlie P, Isabelle M

First: Kaysa W, Aiden S, Maeve S, Jack L, Hank W, Peyton M, Orly S, August F, Clay K, Lenny S

Second: Claire K, Wyatt L, Annie S, Maja B, Erick C, Willa T, Parker T, Jovianne L, Mason E, Lydia G

Third: Jillian N, River S, Siena L, Finn G, Norman L, Nithali P, Porter K, Andie G, Grace D, Bennett E Grade 4: Carter G, Ronan D, Stella B, Samir S

Grade 5: Elli G, Adam S

Grade 6: Roxy R, Max S, William T, Ellie D, Kate S, Marin T, Abby A, Audrey C Grade 7: Alex L, Bella R, Zaden C, Bella W, Darcy R Grade 8: Sam H, Ping R, Peyton D, Teo O, Isaac V, August M.