LH Citizens and HEROes
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 6:25 AM


Congratulations to our April Citizens and HEROes! We recognized these students as positive contributors to our school community.


Kindergarten: Hadley H, Nina A, Rowan K, Ruby D, Marshall J, Camila G, Charlotte C, Andre' O, Colin B, Gianna P

First: Alexandra N, Henry N, Fiona A, Drew C, Michael H, Rowan K, Jackson J, Franklin K, Aiden S, Miles C

Second: Frances D, Emma Z, Andrew H, Amelie L,Marie C, Asher C, Keira W, Tim P, Joe H, Jacob M, Katie L, Norah L

Third: Iris K, Andrew S, Henrick H, Maeve R, Beckett K, Sadie S, Mia W, Haley D

Grade 4: Simon M, Darby Z, Isabella D, Isabella M

Grade 5: Erin J, Kaatje F, Rees B, Maria L

Grade 6: Naomi R, Sophia B, Luke L, Mia H, Brynn S, Connor M, Jackson H, Ismahaan J

Grade 7: Sophia S, Evie B, Jonah M, Jonah H, Diego P, Alec L

Grade 8: Riley P, Noah W, Elizabeth S, Nicole G, Isaac T, Maddy G