LHCS Geographic Bee
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 5:10 AM


Congratulations to this year’s LHCS Geographic Bee Final Qualifiers!


They were: Theo D. (8), Bowen K. (8), Joel T. (6), Qais S. (8), Jonas G. (7), Dillon G. (7), Hank G. (6), Roxy R. (7), Everett A. (6), Frank L. (8), Augusta C. (8), Eli S-L (8), Mitchell P. (7), Calvin L. (8), Landon M. (6), and Dmitry P. (8).


In the final competition, held on January 25th, third place went to Roxy R. (7), second place to Joel T. (6), and the LHCS Geographic Bee Champion is Mitchell P. (7). Congratulations to all!


Mitchell now moves on to the Minnesota Geographic Bee qualifying test.