March Citizens and Heroes
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 12:15 AM


Congratulations to our March Citizens and HEROes! We recognized these students as positive contributors to our school community.

Kindergarten: Sophia C, Michael J, Luca P, Piper C, Vivian T, Max M, Yuno S, Thomas L, Liam P, Olivia C, Ingrid V, Kaitlyn D

First: Ava K, Lily V, Hudson H, Reese B, Triada N, Lola P, Colette F, James C, Ruby T, Rylan M

Second: Sophia K, Theo H, Liam D, Ivy P, Sabri B, Ruby D, Lila D, Isaac K, Maddie H, Oscar F,

Third: Mae S, Clayton K, Allie N, Niko C, Eva E, David R, Gianna P, Rowan K, Michael H, Sully M

Fourth: Jack S, Annie S, Abby O, Faiza A

Fifth: Mason P, Ian W, Olivia E, Silas G

Sixth: Will J, Perryn N, Darby Z

Seventh: Greta C, Berit S, Leif L, Margaret S, Evan O, Sophia C

Eighth: Jozie R, Mikey S, Bryn S, Griffen W, Logan S, Mitchell P, Sam F, Sofie U