MathCounts Volunteers Needed
Monday, October 13, 2014 6:20 AM


MATHCounts will be starting in early October and we are looking for your help! 

MATHCounts, a fun math club for middle-schoolers, will again meet Wednesday mornings from 8:25 AM to 9:25 AM from early October through mid-March. Sam White will be coaching and Joanne Kaufman will be doing the administrative work.  We need parent volunteers to help with coaching each week.  The more parents we get the less often you have to do it but we do need more than one parent there each week.  We also need someone to help/shadow Joanne with the administrative items that have to get done.  This is the last year at Lake Harriet for both Sam and Joanne as they are parents of 8th graders so parents of 6th and 7th graders should consider shadowing both so the program can continue in the years to come.

Registration information will be coming in the next couple of weeks.  For more information on how you can help please contact Joanne Kaufman at or Sam White at Thank you for your consideration!