Meet Anne Thielen, PTA President
Thursday, October 1, 2020 5:45 AM

Please tell us a little bit about yourself; family, job, interests, etc. 
My husband, Doug, and I have lived in the Fulton neighborhood for over 20 years. I have 2 boys at LHCS – Oli is in 6th grade and Ike is in 3rd. I’m a freelance photo producer and full-time hockey/baseball Mom. I can never move because I’m in the perfect pizza utopia which includes Lake Harriet Pizza, Broders, Red Wagon and Lola. Mmm pizza.
How long have you served on the PTA and what were your previous positions? 
This is my 3rd year on the PTA. I was the Volunteer Coordinator the previous 2 years. I’ve also served as the volunteer chair for the Spring Carnival for five years. Although last year doesn’t really count since we didn’t actually have a carnival. 
What is the mission of our PTA and is it different this year with distance learning? 
Part of the PTA mission is to seek human and financial resources to support the enrichment of our children and functioning of our school. Break that down, that means we work with the administration, teachers, staff and families to seek out challenges and ways to make our school better, then provide volunteers and/or resources to fulfill those needs. In a typical year that would include hosting events like the kindergarten picnic, start of school open houses, providing food for teacher potluck during conferences. Since those things aren’t happening so far this year, we are trying to find innovative ways to fulfill our mission. 
Can anyone join the PTA and are you looking for new members? 
Yes! Anyone is welcome to join the PTA. We especially are looking for families with younger students to start filling some of our leadership positions. The PTA works best when we have a mix of experienced and new volunteers willing to lead our initiatives. This is everything from volunteering to be a room rep to the next PTA President (hint hint). Do you know how to run Quickbooks? Then maybe you could be the next Treasurer. We have such a wealth of knowledge in the families that attend our school and we hope to have that represented on the PTA.
What do you love about Lake Harriet Community School?
The best part of LHCS are the people you get to meet through being active in our school. Sharing experiences with families who are going through the similar highs and lows as we all navigate wanting the best for our kids in their lives and education.