Mission Accomplished! LHCS Physical Education Cross Country Ski Program Fundraiser
Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5:30 AM


On Friday, January 6, a team of LHCS parents and Mr. DePerry teamed up to hold a fundraiser with the goal of purchasing cross country skis, boot and poles for Mr. DePerry’s cross country ski program and Barnebirkie trip. We are pleased to announce that our goal was reached and soon LHCS will have its own fleet of cross country ski equipment!

A message from Mr. DePerry:

“Parents, I can't say enough how much I appreciate all the help with this fundraiser. A million thanks to the Prinsen Family, Margolis Family, Lindseth Family, Erik Minge, Karen Kleinhans and especially Maree Hampton who got the ball rolling on this project. And, also to you parents who attended. Your kids are what makes this job a joy to come to everyday. Your commitment to fitness and a healthy approach to life has "trickled" down to your children.  I am glad you've allowed me to extend this physical education program beyond the norm of most programs.  For you to help with this fundraising project helps continue cross country skiing for years to come. I can't thank you enough.”


We would like to thank the following local businesses and individuals who supported our raffle and auction: Artist Katie McCollow, Prana, Title Nine, Tilia’s, Saint Genevieve, Mozza Mia, Lake and Irving, Stella’s, Barrio, Brits, Agra Culture, Settegrens, General Sports, The Fixx, Life Time Fitness, Breadsmith, Interlachan Country Club, SotaRol, Room No. 3, The Loppet Foundation, Kula Yoga, Red Wing Boot Company, Rich Ryan Photography, Radisson Blu Mall of America, and Mallorys and more. We also want to thank the musical guests who rocked it: Brad McLemore, the SW band Tom, Dick and Harry, and the Lake Harriet Teacher’s Band. Thank you everyone! Now, let’s get our kids out to ski!