MPS CDD Update
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 6:00 AM

The Site Council Task Force knows that the LHCS community has a variety of questions, opinions and concerns related to the Comprehensive District Design and the five models recently released. The role of the Site Council Task Force is not to take an official position on the CDD, but rather to provide space and opportunities to expand our knowledge, engage in conversation, and create shared understanding of what is presented by the district. We will continue to summarize and relay further developments in the CDD process.
A finalized proposal is planned to be presented to the School Board on March 24, with a School Board vote planned during the April 14, 2020 board meeting. Implementation of any changes based on the Board’s decision is scheduled for the 2021-2022 school year. There are various channels available to provided feedback on the CDD that are outlined on the MPS website. You can also reach out to the school board members that represent our community their contact information can be found at  
If you have thoughts specific to the site council, please attend one of our meetings which are scheduled monthly or send a site council/task force specific question to the address. The Site Council dates, times and minutes can be found in the weekly newsletter and on LHCS website. 
Community members seeking information about the CDD should check the MPS website, which includes a frequently updated FAQ section. Community members can also submit feedback via that site.