Need Community Help at Lower
Monday, April 10, 2017 6:30 AM


Dear Lake Harriet Lower families and community I am saddened to report that the Lower campus building received graffiti during the weekend of March 25th. 

The back side of the building (parking lot side) received markings. In addition, the front of the building some of the bike rack deterrents were actually pounded out of place in an attempt to remove them from the rail. This must have caused considerable noise.

Please be assured that when our building engineers (custodians) arrived on Monday they reported and the damage to our district center.

We need your help- I am asking our friends and neighbors to be vigilant and to please report any suspicious behavior or anything that does not seem quite right. Please call the police immediately.  We have had some trouble with young adult males wanting to skate board around the school and we have had to call the police several times in the recent past.

Thank you all in advance for helping to keep our school a safe and welcoming place to learn.

Merry Tilleson