New Volunteer Policy
Monday, November 3, 2014 6:45 AM


There is a new district policy for those who want to volunteer in school. The new forms are below.  As before, based on the completion of the forms below, a list of people who are eligible to volunteer at LHCS will be compiled.  It will be given to each teacher. These will be the only people allowed to volunteer or go on a field trip.

1. Volunteer Form - every volunteer needs to fill out the Volunteer Form if they want to volunteer at LHCS. Even if you have filled out a Volunteer Form before, it must be filled out again. The form will then be kept on file at LHCS for nine years. You may submit the online Volunteer Form or download the Volunteer Form to print, complete and return to either campus' school office.  

2. Background Check - NEW THIS YEAR, each parent needs to fill out a Background Check  EVERY year if you will ever be alone with children (unsupervised by a teacher) such as a field trip, tutoring, reading in the hall, etc.  There are VERY few exceptions where you won’t need one: Scholastic Book Fair, Barnes and Noble Book Fair, Science Fair and the School Carnival.  It’s better to be on the safe side and just fill it out!  Download a copy of the Background Check, complete, seal it in an envelope with a $5.00 fee and either personally deliver to the school secretary or mail to the Minneapolis Public Schools  Fee scholarships are available from the PTA as needed.    Processing the Background Check will take 2 weeks.  

Please complete this now, so you won't have to be turned away from volunteering at the school.  We will begin using this new process on December 1st.  Lists can be revised throughout the year, but we hope to keep changes to a minimum for the ease of maintaining the teachers' lists.   

Beginning next fall (2015), the deadline for criminal background checks will be Sept 15 in order to compile a list of volunteers to give to the teachers early enough for fall field trips. 

Our new Assistant Educator, Jane Greenberg, who works in the UC media center and is our volunteer liaison with the district will assist with the process.  This process will supersede the policy described in the Room Rep Resource Guide.  If you would like more information, please visit the Volunteer Policies page on the LHCS website.  Email Jane Greenberg at the Upper Campus with any questions.