Lower Campus Parent Pickup
Monday, September 28, 2015 6:35 AM


As a reminder, during bus dismissal, cars cannot park on Chowen or Drew between 40th and 41st while buses are loading.


The parent pick-up area is on the corner of Drew and 40th Street. Staff walk students out past the buses on Chowen to 40th arriving at the corner of Drew and 40th. Please wait there for your child. (Please indicate to your child’s teacher if your child will be a regular parent pick up and their schedule). All students who are not picked up when the buses pull away will be walked to the main entrance of the school on 41st where they will wait inside with a staff member until you arrive. Students are expected to be picked up on time (4:15 p.m.). Late pick-ups are documented and may result in a meeting with administration. You must show your ID and sign your child out if arriving late.