Peer Mediation is available at Lake Harriet Upper
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 5:30 AM

´╗┐Peer Mediation is designed to teach students to find alternative ways to resolve conflicts and to encourage constructive problem solving. Positive effects have been found in elementary, middle, and high schools with children of all ability levels and diverse backgrounds.
At Lake Harriet Upper, a group of 30 student mediators were selected by their teachers and peers for demonstrating good judgment, engendering trust and respect, displaying leadership skills and communicating well with others. The mediators received specific training in conflict resolution and mediation, and learned the importance of remaining unbiased and keeping information confidential.
Students in grades 4-8 can use the Peer Mediation program. A teacher, student, or mediator can request mediation by filling out a request form on the Lake Harriet Web page or in the main office, or by contacting Julie Hirsch (School Psychologist). All mediation is voluntary and each disputant must agree to follow basic ground rules. Please encourage your student to use the Lake Harriet Peer Mediation program if they are having a peer conflict. If you would like more information about Upper's Peer Mediation please contact Julie Hirsch at (612) 668-3318.
Our Peer Mediators: Andie G, Henry H, Dane R, Raquel L, Maeve R, Nithali P, Andrew B, Ava L, Erin W, Carter G, Hayley T, Elizabeth K, Gabe S, Mason D, Grace D, Milo S, Avery S, Aidan M, Elly N, Jack D, Josie B, Arianna F, Colin M, Drew P, Finn H, Misha P, Wren V, Ella K, Sylvi B, Jack B, Morgan T.