Peer Mediation News
Monday, December 17, 2012 6:30 AM


This year at Lake Harriet Upper we have 5 returning 8th-grade Mediators: Aidan B., Alison C., Spencer K., Maya K., and Kaitlyn V. They have been busy this fall engaging in a variety of interesting activities.

African Visitors. First, the Mediators had a unique opportunity in October to meet with15 African adults from 13 countries (Chad, Togo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, South Sudan, Togo, and Zimbabwe) who were visiting the U.S. on a 3-week study of conflict mediation strategies. We were their only school visit and they were very interested in learning how youth resolve conflict. The mediators demonstrated their skills in a mock mediation, answered questions, and asked some of their own questions about mediation in their home countries. Many of our new 6th- and 7th-grade Mediators were able to observe. It was quite a learning experience for all.

First-grade and Third-Grade Bully Lessons. Second, our 8th-graders visited Ms. Lyga-Jones’s 1st-grade classroom at the Lower Campus in October. They read two books about bullying and had a discussion about how to stop bullying. They learned about standing up to bullies, and reporting bullying behavior to adults. They even got to sing and dance when Ms. Lyga Jones played one of their favorite anti-bully tunes.

The 8th-grade Mediators visited Ms. Hollembeak’s 3rd-grade classroom last week and read two more books on bullying. They answered questions, and were invited back to share some of their mediation strategies.

New Mediator Training. Finally, the 8th-grade Mediators are involved in the training of our new 6th- and 7th-grade Mediators. Our new mediators were selected by their teachers and peers this fall. The mediators are receiving specific training in conflict resolution, and learning the importance of remaining unbiased and keeping information confidential. Our 8th-grade Mediators are sharing their wisdom with the new Mediators, who will be ready to begin their own mediations in January 2013.

New Peer Mediators: Leah C., Ogden M.,Izzie M., Isabelle K., Grace S.,

Penn B., Nico K., Ginger W., John H., Jane C., Zoe S., Max M., Ronan P., and Claire R.

Please remember, students in grades 6-8 can use the Peer Mediation program. A teacher, student, or mediator can request mediation by filling out a request form on the Lake Harriet webpage or in the main office, or by contacting Julie Hirsch (School Psychologist). All mediations are voluntary and each disputant must agree to follow basic ground rules. The mediations occur during the school day with an effort to minimize loss of academic time. Please encourage your middle schooler to use the Lake Harriet Peer Mediation program! If you have questions or comments about Peer Mediation, please contact Julie Hirsch, School Psychologist at 668-3318.

Peer Mediation News