Safety Update
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 5:55 AM

Given the events of last week, the LHCS staff would like to remind parents of the steps we take to ensure the safety of each child and community member.
At Lower Campus:
  • No students leave the building at the Lower Campus unaccompanied by an adult. 
  • At bus dismissal, students and staff exit the building together. All students who walk are crossed by specialists at 41st and Drew or 41st and Chowen. The staff then walk students down the bus lane (Chowen) turning the corner on 40th and head to 40th and Drew to the parent pick up corner. 
  • Parents are encouraged to park their cars and meet the teachers and their child at the corner. No parents will be permitted to take students out of the bus line until they arrive at the parent pick up corner. 
  • There are staff members at the parent pick up corner that wait with the students. Once the buses pull away the students that have yet to be picked up walk inside with staff and can be picked up inside door #1 on 41st
  • All special education buses depart from Drew. The Minneapolis Kids program has their own dismissal at Door #3 on Drew. The After School Adventure program, Community Education classes and the Spanish program have been instructed to have parents enter the building at Door #1 and they must do a face to face exchange in the atrium area at pick up time.
At Upper Campus:
  • Normal after school procedures continue at Upper Campus. 
  • It is recommended students who walk home do so with friends/neighbors. If you need help finding a walking partner for your student, please call the Upper Campus.
  • Students staying for after school activities should stay in the building until picked up.
What you can do to help: