Staff Adjustment
Tuesday, October 18, 2016 2:20 AM


At MPS, we work hard to make every school a great school. That means every classroom has an effective teacher, every school has a strong principal and every staff member shares the same high expectations for all students. The heart of our work is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential.

There are a number of school options that MPS families have including: neighborhood schools, magnet schools, International Baccalaureate, and school outside of their assigned neighborhood if space is available.

Annually, MPS undergoes a staffing adjustment process at the beginning of the year. We use a robust data analysis process to monitor enrollment at each school and adjust staffing levels relative to the actual student enrollment. Staffing adjustment decisions are made to match student needs. Our best efforts are made to assess all factors in making staffing adjustment decisions at every school.

Staffing adjustment recommendations are made by a team composed of Human Capital, Finance, Student Enrollment, Special Education, Multilingual Department, and Associate Superintendents and District Leadership. The team uses current enrollment numbers to determine staffing adjustments that will most positively impact students and impacts throughout the District. In addition, the team uses other factors in determining staffing adjustments, including projected enrollment changes, expected attrition, and unique factors that affect individual school enrollment. Each decision is reviewed closely for all factors that could impact classrooms

Once staff are notified of their movement, each individual will be placed in open positions based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement with Minneapolis Federation of Teachers. MPS and MFT will work together to fully support staff and families in making the transitions. In limited cases, based on the CBA process, a teacher may be released from MPS.

 Michael J. Thomas, Chief of Schools