Stay Connected with School News
Tuesday, August 22, 2017 6:25 AM


To help families stay informed throughout the year, LHCS PTA volunteers put out a weekly newsletter.  To sign up for the newsletter, visit the front page of the school website, and find "LHCS News” in the top right corner. No time to read a newsletter?  Check the front page of the school website for timely news and information, school and district calendars, links to classroom pages, staff directory, and all things LHCS.  


New to our school?  Check out the “Guide for New Families” to find helpful information and links.


Social media more your thing?  Follow us at @LakeHarrietCommunitySchoolNews for information about school events, calls for volunteers and special announcements.  We also have a school advocacy page that is a closed group for current LHCS parents/guardians at @LakeHarrietCommunitySchoolAdvocacy.  Search “Advocacy at Lake Harriet Community School” to request to join.


Try as we might, you still might miss something.  When in doubt, contact the school office at your student’s campus if you have questions.