STEM Focus at the Lower Campus
Monday, May 6, 2013 6:30 AM


STE(A)M: Options day was a huge success.  On May 1, from 2-3:45, all afternoon students including Minneapolis Kids were engaged in a different type of learning by attending various classes with various teachers, parents, and community members.  Students were able to pick their top three choices from a catalogue of about 17 classes. Some of the course offerings included Kitchen Chemistry, Zumba, Reptiles, Card Tricks, Japanese Culture, Drama, Choreography, Legos and more.  The students really enjoyed learning in this environment. Follow the link to the pictures.  This day was made possible by many people but we'd especially like to include a huge thank you to teachers Sue Shuff and Tamra Jurgens who helped organize and many teachers, parents and community members who taught the classes.

MATH:  For the past year all classroom teachers have focused on deeper rigor and understanding for our students in math. 

Steam Day Pictures - Click to see them all!
We planned "differentiated" class materials for a couple of the curriculum units and then placed students in the classroom for their level based on a pretest of that unit's material.  We have seen student success and more rigorous math for all students.  We do not have end of the year assessment results yet to include in our evaluation process.

The third grade teachers received a grant to participate in a metro wide program for added intensive professional development, specifically in the area of Rational Numbers.  That will be the focus of their team's ongoing "professional learning community," or PLC, as well.

STEM:  On May 9, two teachers, Nancie Delebo and Diane Cologna will be joining me and parent Gwen Spurgat in visiting a STEM Magnet school.  Pilot Knob STEM Magnet in Eagan is a kindergarten through fourth grade school which has received federal grants and national honors.  Our goal in visiting is to gain a deeper understanding of what STEM looks like at the K-3 level and see how we can “grow” that focus at the Lower Campus.