Student Belongings Pick Up
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 5:20 AM

Families are being assigned a specific date and time from June 3 - 5 to pick-up the bag(s) based on your student’s grade level as indicated in the links below.  
To ensure everyone stays safe during this process, families will need to stay in their vehicle and staff will place bags in the trunk--please make sure you have room in your trunk. Under no circumstance will families or students be allowed in the building. Families should drive up to the assigned DOOR according to the directions in the links above. Please be aware that other families will be picking up belongings at the same time and you should expect some wait time as vehicles move through the line during this process.
When staff approach your vehicle, please roll down your window a small amount to give them your student’s name and open your trunk or back door (for vans) from your vehicle. Staff will stay a safe distance in respect of social distancing. 
Medication Pick Up Process: Please check with your school health office about picking up student medications.
Please drop off textbooks, library books, and classroom materials in designated drop off bins at your assigned pick up location.