Survey for School Start Times
Monday, February 2, 2015 6:25 AM


Survey for School Start Times

MPS is exploring potential changes to school start and dismissal times. We aim to:

  • Positively influence student achievement
  • Better accommodate student and parent schedules
  • Give schools more flexibility in their scheduling
  • Operate our transportation system more efficiently

The vast majority of schools will have the same start times for 2015-16, but we are considering changing start and dismissal times for a small number of schools in fall 2015 as a pilot. We will communicate about any changes before the Feb. 28 school choice deadline. As decisions are made about which schools to focus on for the fall 2015 pilot, school district staff will partner with all impacted stakeholders to design the details.

We are very much in an exploratory phase and have not made any specific proposals. The few pilot schools may start earlier, they may start later or we may not make any changes at all. Our goal is to partner with families ahead of making major decisions like this so we can better understand the impacts they will face.

Take our survey to help us identify opportunities for improving start and dismissal times in the future. We will make decisions about changing start and dismissal times based on input from staff, students, parents and other stakeholders.

For more information and to access the survey, visit our website at A new frequently asked questions section was added today. If you have a question to add, email them to us.