SWHS Link Crew Visits 7 & 8th Graders at Upper Campus
Monday, December 18, 2017 4:50 AM


A shout out to the Southwest High School Link Crew who visited Lake Harriet Upper Monday, December 18 during advisories.  The SWHS Link Crew is a group of 115 junior/senior students whose mission, in their words, is to create: “Really cool, super fun awesome activities to make freshman love Southwest!”


The Link Crew will be visiting 7th and 8th grade students each month during advisory through the remainder of the year to help encourage, connect and motivate them to start thinking about their education and to practice social acceptance and interaction with each other, to prepare both socially and academically for the next chapter in their lives.  


We will see them next in January!  A special thank you to Lake Harriet Site Council Equity Subcommittee member, Tiffany Moore and Tara Fitzgerald, SWHS AP, who came up with the idea.  Another big shout out to Cara Hartzell, who took on the job of coordinating with SW students to make it a reality.