Unified Team accomplishments
Monday, June 4, 2018 12:50 AM


On May 25, our Unified Team participated in a track and field event at the University of Minnesota. Our team took part in sprint and relay races, long jump, tug of war, shot put and partner races. Our students had a great time! This was the last of our events for the year. We also participated in bowling and basketball. Being a part of Unified has been a great experience. Student athletes were great role models for inclusion; everyone can play and everyone belongs. It has been a privilege to coach this team and be a part of something really special at our school.  

A big shout out to Anita Adams and her MPLS kids summer crew who raised money for Special Olympics. They generously gave us the money which we used for pictures for participants, snacks for after events and for a pizza party to celebrate our fantastic year on May 30. 

We will definitely continue Unified next year. If you have a graduate heading to SW they are starting a Unified Club hoping to promote more inclusion at the high school level.  

Cary Sfikas (Special Education Teacher)