Volunteers Needed
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 5:05 AM


Attention Families
Do you have some time to volunteer for Southwest High School students?   Numerous opportunities are available.  We are recruiting for four committees.  The purpose of the four are listed below.
If you are interested please forward you name to:
Southwest High School, 3414 W. 47th St. 55410 or email -- bill.smith@mpls.k12.mn.us.
We will get it to the committee and you will get a response quickly.  Some meet before and after school.
Budget Committee
To develop the annual school budget in cooperation with the building administration.  The budget committee shall advise the administration of the financial needs of the successful operation of the school, its programs, activities, curriculum and graduation requirements.
Calendar Committee
To develop the school year calendar for two consecutive years in advance so that staff, families and students can have time to plan and prepare for the following school year. Such items as incoming student orientation dates, grading periods, semester beginning and end dates, dates of finals, etc. are proposed by the Committee. This proposed calendar is presented by the committee chair to the Leadership Council for approval.
Curriculum Committee
The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is the consideration, revision and adoption of new and revised courses and the deletion of unneeded courses and/or programs. Specific curriculum matters will also be discussed and voted on.
Schedule Committee
To develop the master schedule for the school year.  The schedule shall meet the academic needs of the programs, curriculum and graduation requirements. The schedule committee shall establish a master schedule for each of the determined grading periods. The master schedule is prepared by and is the responsibility and authority of the Schedule Committee.
Others to be announced soon:
Positive School Wide Engagement Team
Equity Team
Student Activities
and many others in the coming weeks.
Thank you.
Bill Smith
Southwest High School, Principal