Vote YES for Kids!
Monday, September 12, 2016 6:15 AM


(Note: the Minneapolis Public Schools District is unable to campaign for the Referendum, but this publication and the website is run by the LHCS PTA and is therefore able to endorse a position.)

Minneapolis students started school this week. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your friends, family and neighbors about the Minneapolis Public Schools referendum campaign. House parties are a great way to talk about the campaign in a very personal way.

Will you host a house party on behalf of the Vote YES for Kids campaign? If so, click here for our easy-to-use house party toolkit.

One neighbor or friend talking to another is the best way to persuade a person to vote for the referendum and we need your help to make sure the referendum campaign reaches every voter in Minneapolis.

Thank you, and remember to vote YES on November 8th!

The Vote YES for Kids campaign team.