Walk or Bike to School Day
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 5:30 AM


Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 6th, an annual international event that encourages children to walk to school and participate in a variety of activities at school! This opportunity to walk or bike to school regularly, provides many benefits. Children that walk or bike to school get more exercise, are healthier, and arrive to school ready to learn. Another added benefit of walking or biking to school is reduced traffic congestion, which also reduces pollution and provides cleaner air. Does your child already walk to school? If so, that’s great! Encourage them to keep walking. If not, take the time to walk to school with your child one day, show them the safest route, and teach them safety tips while walking and crossing streets. This will give them the confidence to walk to school with you, with friends or neighbors. Here is more information about Walk to School Day!