Welcome Cecilia Saddler, Area C Associate Superintendent!
Monday, September 9, 2013 6:15 AM


After four years as principal at South High School, Cecilia Saddler will take on the role of associate superintendent for Area C. She has 18 years of urban educational experience in both classroom and administrator roles in MPS. Associate superintendents work with school communities to accelerate student achievement, close the achievement gap and improve overall school performance. While at South High, Saddler created and supported academic coaching models to increase teacher and student achievement. She also facilitated parent involvement opportunities such as the site council, Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities (CPEO), and Parents United for South High (PUSH). CPEO helps parents and teachers work together to transform children's educational environment, both at home and at school, so that they can achieve their greatest academic potential. The purpose of PUSH is to create ways for every family and student to have a social connection to the school community and feel like a valued member and participant within it.