Wise Words
Wednesday, March 24, 2021 5:25 AM

wise words
Ms. Glocker’s 3rd Grade D.L. Class Answers the question,
“What’s the best advice you have ever gotten?
Sophia: “Don’t be scared of something that is not real”
Jack: “If you are working on something, watching the clock does not help”
Alexandra: “You are beautiful just the way you are”
Luca: “Don’t be who you don’t want to be”
Clara: “Be kind to people”
Claire: “Give people time & space to work out their feelings”
Stella: “Do not care what other people think”
Luke: “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything”
Caroline: “Be yourself and no one can change that”
Elsa: “Be Yourself”
Malee: “If you at first do not succeed, try, try again”
Lila: “Always trust your gut”
Annelies: “If you don’t think something is safe, don’t do it”
Ingrid: “You are kind and brave even though you don’t feel like it”
Ester: “It is OK to feel sad sometimes”
Aiden: “Always be good”
Tova: “Use your imagination”
Isla: “If someone passes away they will always be with you”
Nora: “There is always another way around something”
Adelyn: “Be yourself and it doesn’t matter what other people think”
Kiran: “Always think how lucky you are”
Joel: “If something is hard you don’t have to do it”
Mr. John: “If you see poison ahead, walk around it, do not try to walk through it”
Ms. Glocker: “Do the best you can do, because that’s all you can do, and be thankful you can do”