Read-A-Thon Grant Detail
  • MediaCenter -  Last year the media centers purchased fiction and non-fiction books, computer software, accelerated reading program, and book in a bag.  Due to District budget shortfalls there are no funds allocated to enhance our Media Centers, thus our media specialist are very appreciative of the funds the PTA gives to support the media centers at both campuses.  Grant amount:  $5,000.
  • Writing Residency (3-5) -  For the past several years, the Grade 3-5 teams have had outstanding Writing (Poetry) Residencies.  The program brings in published authors or poets to work with our children in the classroom for one hour a day for one week.  The writing residency has improved the children’s writing, given them confidence, and has been highly motivating.  Grant amount $4,200.

  • Center for Book Arts (1-2) -  The 1st and 2nd grade classes will go to the MN Center of Book Arts for papermaking and poster making experience. When the artist residency comes to the school the 1st graders will use their paper making skills to make an accordian book and the 2nd graders will make a tunnel book.  Grant amount $2,288.
  • Writer in Residence (6) - A writer in residence wll come to the shcool and work with 6th graders.  They will be writing their own short stories  and a writer in residence will provide motivation and experience in teaching fictional writing to the 6th grade students.  Grant amount $1,500.
  • Center for Book Arts (6) - A MN Center for Book Arts staff member will come to our school for two days and work with 6th graders and a class of 7/8th grade. They will teach the students to construct a pyramid book as a tie-in to a novel the students read in class.  The students had a wonderfule time last year through this hands-on, highly motivating project. Grant amount $1270.
  • Junior Great Books (3-5) – Parent volunteers lead group discussions of reading material supplied by the Great Books Foundation.  In 2004/2005 we had approximately 75 students participating from grades 3-5.  Grant amount $1,000.
  • Enrichment Reading Books (1) - The 1st grade team is purchasing reading materials to challenge first grade students who are reading at an advanced level.  These enrichment materials contain fiction and nonfiction/expository sets of books that teachers can use with a small reading group.  Grant amount $816.
  • Middle School Newspaper (6-8) – A Middle School Newspaper will be started this year.  The reporters will be 6-8th graders and articles will cover sports, poetry, school events, student council news, advice column, and more.  The newspaper will be published monthly.  Grant amount $152.
  • Spelling Bee (5-8) – The Spelling Bee is a voluntary participation by students in grades 5-8.  Initially, students are given a written spelling test.  Approximately 20 of the highest scoring students receive certificates and a plaque for the winner.  Grant amount $100.