MATHCOUNTS is a before-school math club for all interested students in grades 6-8. Students in this club investigate ways to approach and solve mathematical problems and have fun in the process. This program is filled with challenging math problems, puzzles and brain-teasers. The program will runs from September until mid-March.

How does the Student Leadership work at LHCS? And what does it do?

Mission of the Lake Harriet Student Leadership Team
Developing active, socially-conscious, life-long leaders who are committed to community, equity, inclusion, learning, and environmentally healthy decisions.

Wellness & Environment
Helping our school community “go green” by making choices that are environmentally conscious and personally healthy.
Technology Squad
Supporting the LH Community in all of their technology needs—video, audio, wi-fi, sound, and assembly/program support.
Equity & Inclusion
Raising intercultural awareness and eliminating all forms of racism and bias, while helping students understand each others’ racial and cultural identity.
Student Ambassadors
Providing community outreach and welcoming new students and families to Lake Harriet (as well as prospective new families). 

We start at the Lower Campus with 3rd grade Leaders and Citizens of the Month.

At Upper Campus, student Leaders meets about once a month. The students leave their classroom setting during the school day. The students are expected to find out what they have missed in their classroom while they were gone and make up any work that they missed.

Representatives are chosen at the beginning of the school year. For more information, go to the Students section of the website.

What is Art Adventure?

Art Adventure is a volunteer-based, PTA-funded program that brings reproductions of Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) art into K-5 classrooms giving students a chance to explore art from a variety of cultures. This has been a popular program at Lake Harriet since the 1990s. Volunteers receive training at the MIA, view the original works and gain insight and information on tours guided by a special AA docent. During November and March, these art reproductions from the MIA are available at the school. Art Adventure volunteers bring these pieces into the classroom for viewing and discussion. The volunteers often guide the students in a related art project as well. Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Website  for more information.  

Each classroom from K-5 requires 1-2 volunteers to run the program. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Liz Banfield, the parent Art Adventure volunteer coordinator.

What is the LHCS Green Team?

LHCS recycles and also separates organics in their trash collection. Because this is a process that young students need to learn, volunteers help the kids at the lower campus understand how to separate organics (food scraps, paper, and cardboard) from the rest of their lunch trash to support organics recycling and recycling in general.