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Volunteer MPS: 1250 West Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55411, (612) 668-3880, fax: (612) 668-3895

I understand that the Minneapolis Public School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disability or age in its programs and activities.

I understand that submitting this information does not guarantee my acceptance into the Volunteer Program, and that assignment of volunteer work is based on the assessment made by the Volunteer MPS Staff.

I understand that if I have misrepresented the information and/or fail to adhere to program guidelines, I may have my application approval withdrawn. I understand the District may request a background check on me pursuant to the Minnesota Child Protection Background Check Act. Information will be provided regarding my rights and I will sign an appropriate release authorization if requested to do so. I have read and understand the appropriate Volunteer Job Description, Sexual Harassment Policy, and other information provided.

I understand that by signing this I acknowledge that I have read and that I understand the foregoing information provided to me regarding the private nature of student educational data. I agree to treat the data as private and I will not disclose it to Volunteer Program Coordinator.

I understand the district policies and procedures for volunteers and I agree to hold harmless the Minneapolis Public Schools for any actions taken by me.

Volunteer’s personal information not classified as public data is strictly confidential and will be used only to process the volunteer’s placement. The data collected on this form is used to determine an appropriate volunteer placement.  You may refuse to provide the data, but, if you do, you may not serve as a volunteer working with students in the Minneapolis Public Schools.

*Please provide completed form to your MPS staff contact or the Office of Volunteer MPS (address/fax above) prior to volunteering.


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